Stiernspetz & Arninge Publishing House is part of the publishing group Publicera. The original company was founded in 1997 by a Swedish journalist, photographer and author Peppe Arninge.

For almost ten years, the company was involved in a large number of journalistic assignments for a variety of newspapers and businesses in Europe, Asia and US.

2009 graphic designer and a long-term friend Johan Stiernspetz joined with his expertise and long experience. As a dedicated photographer and with a passion for the written word, he became a natural part of the company and the philosophy driving it.


The company name Stiernspetz & Arninge was decided on and launched in May 2017, as the company are the result of two personalities and their views of the world.

Today we exclusively work as a publishing house through Stiernspetz & Arninge in both domestic and international markets, focusing on documentary photobooks and Fine Art based on great commitment and genuine passion.

Why Print on Demand?

One of the ideas with the way of publishing books through distributors like Blurb or Amazon

is environment and flexibility.

Today print-on-demand (POD) has an excellent bookshelf quality and is in small publishing series of books a good way of thinking in environmental terms. Each time a customer clicks the »buy« button, a book is printed and distributed directly.

No big bunch of offset printed books,

stored in a warehouse.

No masses of paper used.

But of course, there is a breaking point, should

the demand for a book ask for significant volumes,

we will print it in conventional offset technique.

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The Dump

The first book about scavengers living on a massive dump outside Phnom Pehn in Cambodia. A social document about foreign aid that disappears, what corruption does and how it, in the end, affects the real poor.


On Amazon as print ($69.99)

and for Kindle ($3.74)

On iBook for iPad format ($10.49)



An amateur radio expedition to a remote island, and how it was done. Reveals the faces behind the voices and signals radio amateurs around the globe could hear during three weeks of continuous transmitting. A rare document in the world of amateur radio.


On Blurb as print ($72.99)


A bog, in the middle of Swedens farmlands, littered with old cars. From the beginning a natural warehouse for spare parts, now a unique place, where nature has taken back the control and has made the vehicles a part of it.



On Amazon as print ($51.99)

On iBook for iPad ($9.75)

Clouds in my iPhone

A forgotten camera trunk resulted in this book, entirely photographed with an iPhone 4S.

Available on Blurb as print ($59)


»Shadowlights«. Hidden details photographed some hot summer days in Stockholm.


In production

När tystnaden hörs

»When silence is heard«. A Filosofia aspect of what remains of what we humans leave behind when a steel furnace is closed in a small town.


In production