It is great fun to see the book market expanding these days of electronic channels and self-publishing.

Working with a publisher means all ideas get examined. You have experienced lecturers that can provide a thoughtful view of how a book could work out on the market, and what possibilities lay ahead.

Beside this, it also means some money up front if the manuscript is accepted.

It means help with marketing and getting the book printed and into distribution channels domestic or international.


Unfortunately, all this does not apply to us just yet.

Being very small and new on the market, we do not have the kind of organisation allowing us a flow of money for payment and marketing just yet.

We can help with everything from the manuscript, design and distribution to print-on-demand services and electronic distribution.

Well, do we accept manuscripts from aspiring authors and photographers?

But no offset printing.

No extensive marketing.

Yes, we can provide limited service, but if the project is significant, we can provide contacts.

The best way to find out what we can help you with is that you contact us and we will find out. Fair enough?